What’s happening Date/s Impact How will information or updates be provided
Is there a cut off for contributions for FY2021 through to 30 June
  • All monies received in the funds bank account on or before 30 June 2021 will be processed for FY2021. Allow 3 to 5 business days for BPay or direct credit contributions to transfer to the funds bank account.
Is there a pricing delay on unit prices? What is the catch up period on unit pricing of assets? Yes, between 30 June – 7 July   8 July – 31 July  
  • Withdrawals may be delayed where they are processed between 30 June and 20 July
  • No balance updates will be available from 30 June – 8 July.
Online Portal
  •  Newspost update
Member communications
Work test declarations Have already been mailed
  • Ability to accept contributions for members over the age of 67 who have made a personal contribution in FY2021.
  • If work test declaration is not received by 31 August 2021, contribution will be refunded.
Mail or via Online Portal
  • Super tab / Report InBox
Pension and Salary Continuance Insurance Payment Summaries 14 July To be mailed to members in receipt of:
  • An income stream (under the age of 60), or
  • Salary continuance/income protection insurance payments.
Mail or via Online Portal
  • Super tab / Report InBox
Section 290.170 tax deduction notices ‘Notice of intent to claim a personal deduction’ 31 July
  • To be mailed to all active members who have made a personal contribution to their super account during FY2021.
Mail or via Online Portal
  • Super tab / Report InBox
Monthly pension payment Business as usual
  • Pension payment completed on the 25th July using 30 June 21 closing balances
Online Portal
  • Newspost updates


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