A superannuation solution for those who want to be in the driving seat

Pearl YourChoice Super caters to those who want to be in the driving seat for their super with all of the advantages but without the complexity of running their own super fund.

Build your super wealth during your working life and be paid during your retirement with the option of keeping the same asset portfolio with Pearl YourChoice Super.  Pearl YourChoice Super provides you with flexible investment options, competitive fees, optional insurance cover and convenience of 24/7 online access.

Important Notice

The following investment option(s) offered by YourChoice Super failed the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) 2023 annual performance test for the first time:

  • Growth Option
  • High Growth Option
  • Moderate Option

These investment options have now been closed and removed from Pearl YourChoice Super

Further information can be found on the APRA website – www.apra.gov.au/annual-superannuation-performance-test

About APRA’s annual performance test

From 1 July 2023, certain diversified investment options are subject to APRA’s annual performance test.  The test measures the performance of these investment options against an objective, consistently applied benchmark determined by APRA.  It compares the investment option’s earnings, less costs, with those of a similar investment option over the same period.   It does not consider your personal situation, fees, or tax.

The test is intended to hold trustees accountable and protect members for underperformance through greater transparency.  Where an investment option fails the performance test in two consecutive years, the trustee will be prohibited from accepting new members into that option.

Members invested in these options will be notified with further information.

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Our Fund

Pearl YourChoice Super is a great choice for your superannuation retirement savings. To invest in Pearl YourChoice Super, you must have financial adviser registered with OneVue Wealth Services.

  • A world of investment choice

Pearl YourChoice Super offers a diverse and flexible range of investment options, including pooled investment options and super wrap investment options including cash hub, direct shares, term deposits, managed account and managed funds.

  • Track and manage Pearl YourChoice Super online – anytime, anywhere through the Secure Online Portal

The Secure Online Portal provides online access and allows you to manage your super:

  • invest in the various investment options,
  • check your balance and view your transaction statements,
  • obtain contribution information,
  • opt in for a regular investment plan or regular payments plan,
  • view and vary your pension payments,
  • switch between investment options,
  • vary your group life insurance, and
  • view and download various reports.
  • Access to a range of insurance options

Pearl YourChoice Super offers group insurance (including default cover and voluntary cover) and retail insurance covering death, total and permanent disability (TPD), and income protection cover. You’re also able to opt out of cover, opt-in to cover, transfer existing cover, or vary your cover. Limited cover, exclusions and other conditions may apply.

  • Your super consolidation partner

We can help you find lost super, rollover super from your existing super fund or consolidate multiple super accounts. Before doing so, we recommend that you seek financial advice to consider any potential loss of existing insurance or other benefits you may have with your existing super fund.

  • Payment methods that suit you

Pearl YourChoice Super accepts various contribution payment methods to make it easy for you, your spouse or your employer to contribute to your super.

  • Easy transition into retirement

You have an opportunity to supplement your income while you are still working through a transition to retirement pension account once you reach your preservation age.

  • A partner for the long haul

Pearl YourChoice Super can stay with you throughout your entire working life and into retirement. If you change jobs, just ask your new employer to contribute to Pearl YourChoice Super.


Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): 43 905 581 638 013
Fund ABN: 43 905 581 638
Partnered with some of Australia’s best known and established service providers
Trustee: Diversa Trustees Limited ABN 49 006 421 638, RSE Licence Number L0000635, AFSL No 235153
Promoter: OneVue Wealth Services ABN 70 120 380 627, AFSL 308868
Administrator: OneVue Super Services Limited ABN 74 006 877 872, AFSL 246883
Group Insurer: MLC Limited ABN 90 000 000 402
Custodian: JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited ABN 75 002 899 961
Auditors: BDO Australia Ltd ABN 77 050 110 275

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