Why Choose Us?

In a consolidating industry, it is important that members are still given choice and a competitive landscape is maintained.

For promoters 

The OneSuper solution offers you and your clients:

  • an attractive and proven approach of continual improvement to member outcomes and investment performances;
  • a tailored offering of competitive products for members;
  • access to a white label superannuation fund that is tailored to meet your members’ needs.

Your clients and/or special interest member groups can, through OneSuper, enjoy a tailored superannuation experience and something that is not generally available through many other funds.

Our primary objective is to assist your members to grow their superannuation to provide income in retirement, whilst protecting their wealth.

The Fund seeks to scale benefits to members by the use of common service providers to develop efficiencies required by offering a common back office.

Use the contact us page to enquire how you can offer a superannuation product through OneSuper.

For members

You have the benefit of the purpose-built superannuation product accompanied by knowing that your super is in safe hands with OneSuper.  Go to Our Super Funds to find out more about your fund